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Customized system and web development

System and web development

Regardless of your system environment or functions, we can help you with professional software development. Everything from tailor-made web programming and databases to WordPress plug-ins and integration between business systems and web shops. We are experts at e-commerce solutions in general and Abicart in particular. We would be delighted to help you with individualized adaptations and integrations.

Given our experience in the business, we can assist you early on in the process with the solutions that we believe will (or will not) satisfy your needs. We believe in jointly producing a technical specification based on a vision in which we can participate and contribute to the entire concept and, especially, what you want the solution to achieve rather than an exact implementation of what you start out thinking will work for you.

We work flexibly and agilely to adapt to new desires and needs as the project progresses, so that we don’t produce an expensive and extensive specification before starting development. To minimize the risk of overwhelming changes late in the game, we work incrementally; in other words, we divide the project into smaller tasks with cost estimates. Instead of you placing an order and Textalk filling it, we prefer to cooperate as colleagues, participating jointly throughout the project.

Established developmental environments for the web and e-commerce

LAMP is a classic business standard for web development that is comprised of MySQL (database), Linux (operating system), PHP (programming language), and Apache (web server). The simplicity, power, and stability of the LAMP stack means it is still one of the most preferred platforms for developing customized and advanced web solutions. We also work with technologies such as MongoDB, Vue.js, React, Angular.js, and NodeJS.


Every project has a start-up cost, which means that the lowest possible initial price we would propose is SEK 6900, VAT not included.

System development at hourly rates

We assess the time needed for your project. As the project progresses, we keep you updated so you can make changes to your specification and monitor the time spent. When we work for hourly rates, we charge SEK 1200/hour.

System development at project price

For smaller projects that are fully specified we can work for a per-project flat rate. Project pricing requires that we add a risk premium to compensate for any problems that may arise in implementation.

System development in Mölndal and Alingsås, Sweden

Textalk works with web system development in Mölndal and Alingsås, where we have accumulated extensive experience and expertise in web development, programming, and server operation. We are local web agency for companies and organizations in Alingsås, Vårgårda, Herrljunga, Lerum, Gothenburg, Mölndal, and all of western Sweden, but we also work with customers throughout Sweden.