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Create the best reading experience in the world. For everyone.
Your comprehensive tool for e-newspapers

Create the best reading experience in the world. For everyone.

Prenly improves your digital publication and e-newspaper solutions


There are several parts to the Prenly publishing tools and editing systems: A very powerful yet simple editor for revising text, images, and video; tools to create front pages and section pages; and advertisement tools and functions for working with editions, issue numbers, and other aspects of the newspaper. Prenly has integrations to the most common editing tools and payment systems.


In modern journalism, reader participation is a natural part of publication. The Prenly platform for your e-newspaper allows you to send adapted push notifications to your subscribers and activate functions so readers can easily share articles on social media.


Prenly is designed for editorial cooperation between your e-newspapers. There may be several of you working on the same publication with varied roles, authorizations, and responsibilities for content, images, advertisements, and other material. You can invite freelance journalists to write articles, and you can share material with other e-newspapers and editorial staffs.


Reading digital text in an e-newspaper puts new demands on the formation and flow of the content as compared to reading a traditional newspaper. Prenly is fully adapted for satisfying readability and accessibility on all types of electronic devices. There are settings for text size, line spacing, line length, font, and contrast. You can listen to the text with Prenly by using speech synthesis.

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