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Textalk AB - Company information

The Textalk Group

The Textalk business is run by Textalk AB and the wholly owned subsidiary and operational firms Abicart AB and Textalk Media AB.

  • Approximately 50 employees, and 12 consultants
  • Approximately SEK 70 million in revenue.
  • Offices in Mölndal and Alingsås, Swede.
  • Textalk owners and board members are mainly people who participate in the daily business of the company.
  • CEO: Jens Halvarsson
  • Board Chair: Fredrik Schill

Textalk AB


Textalk AB develops, operates, and manages the subsidiaries Textalk Media and Abicart in addition to developing new technological solutions that facilitate the participation of people in a digital life. Textalk AB coordinates the innovation, development, markets, and personnel of the Group to be able to offer our customers the best and most economical solutions in e-newspapers, e-commerce, the web, and applications.

Krokslätts fabriker 12, Mölndal, Sweden

Tel: +46 31872920

Information available in Swedish at allabolag.se

Textalk Media AB


Textalk Media develops technology for digital newspapers for visually impaired consumers, electronic newspapers, reading applications, and web accessibility. Textalk Media AB operates and develops the Prenly.com media platform and our platform for text extraction and archiving, Webarch.io.

Krokslätts fabriker 12, Mölndal, Sweden

Tel: +46 313884740

Information available in Swedish at allabolag.se

Abicart AB


Abicart operates and develops the most popular e-commerce platform in Sweden: Abicart.

Krokslätts fabriker 12, Mölndal, Sweden

Tel: +46 31872924

Information available in Swedish at allabolag.se

Textalk owners

Etercore AB


Etercore AB is the parent company of the Textalk Group and controls 90% of Textalk shares. Etercore is owned equally by Fredrik Schill, Lars Gustavsson, Oskar Calrsrud Felander, Rikard Sigvardsson, and Svante Gustavsson. The Etercore owners spend their workdays as developers and managers of the Textalk Group and have all participated in building Textalk operations since the early 2000s.

Rubinstein Invest AB


This is where it started in the 1980s. Henryk Rubinstein, founder of Textalk (Rubinstein Invest was originally named Textalk), was a researcher at the Chalmers University of Technology in the 1970s and created the world’s first digital newspaper in 1979. Rubinstein Invest owns 30% of Textalk AB. The company is wholly owned by Henryk Rubinstein.