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Do what you do best. Or explore something you've never done before.

Freedom, responsibility, and pride

Work where you want, how you want, when you want.

Everyone at Textalk works with a wide range of freedom. We work independently and take initiative. We are proud of what we do and take a great deal of personal responsibility. We also assume responsibility for each other. When we work together, we can create fantastic solutions and make a big difference in the everyday lives of many people.

You can work where you want, how you want, when you want. You stay in daily contact with colleagues and customers and perform your tasks with confidence. We are especially interested in hiring people who find it interesting and valuable to join us and stay abreast of developments in the business and the company.

If you love problem solving and programming, and would appreciate working together with others who do, chances are good you would fit in at Textalk.

Work remotely or in the office

You may choose, at Textalk, to work from one of our offices, but you are equally welcome to work remotely. Some of us work from our offices in Mölndal and Alingsås in Sweden, or Bengaluru in India, while others work remotely from locations in Sweden, countries in Europe, and the United States.

Attractive pay rates, benefits, and employee activities

Pay and benefits at Textalk conform to industry standards. We love to learn new things, visit interesting partners and customers, enjoy time together off work, shooting the breeze, playing table tennis, sharing holiday meals and summer picnics on the floor of the office, going boating, and fishing for mackerel. Sometimes we attend exciting conferences and pay customer visits in Europe, Asia, and North America.

Every job counts

Web developer

As web developer you would work in-house developing our products, and you would be largely responsible for your development process.

At the back end we work extensively with integration, imports, exports, and data processing. For example, XML, CSV, JSON, HTML, and data with fixed layouts such as PDFs. On the server side of things, we work mainly with Linux and modern PHP, MySQL, and applicable API standards. We work with other environments, too, of course. We are constantly exploring and evaluating new environments and technologies in our ever-changing business.

On the front end, we design optimized HTML/CSS, JavaScript, React, and similar libraries.

Our full-stack developers traverse the whole spectrum, from cloud solutions, servers, and databases to the client end with HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Application developers

Our app developers work in Kotlin/Java, Swift, React Native on Android, and iOS with data via API.

Customer service

To work in Textalk customer service, you are always curious to understand what the customer wants and to achieve it as quickly as possible with one of our ready-to-use web solutions. Creativity and inventiveness are needed to translate and improve a customer’s specified wish list into a pragmatic and efficient solution that works in Textalk environments.

Technical intuition, the ability and desire to seek and find information on your own, to know where to search for and learn new things—these are more important qualities than being able to babble details from a specification. At Textalk, customer service is a vital bridge between customers and product development, constantly helping us to improve our products and solutions.

Helping a customer reach a satisfactory solution is the most important thing you can do at Textalk.


People grow at Textalk, either as generalists, specialists, or coleaders.

A coleader at Textalk does not grow away from the team, but rather becomes more involved with the colleagues, products, and the goal to achieve. A coleader is like an engine in a car: necessary for operation, dependent upon the rest of the parts, but completely unnecessary if not connected.

A programmer at Textalk makes a career with strong purpose and the ability to develop ever-improved systems and applications, teaching colleagues new methods, and learning from others. A programmer at Textalk makes a career by programming more, not by leaving technology behind for administrative or organizational tasks.

Please apply! We hope you will join us at Textalk.

/ Textalk CEO Jens Halvarsson