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System solutions and platforms

E-commerce, web publications and distribution of e-papers

System solutions and platforms / SaaS




Lookbook, photo gallery, or album. Easy to install on any website or web shop


Create a message field for campaigns or information on any website. Easy to install on any website or web shop



We help you connect your systems to increase efficiency and profitability. Integration between a web shop and business system, for example, or between an editing system and Prenly, our e-newspaper solution.

Search-engine optimization (SEO)

On-page ranking can strongly influence the ranking potential of a page if properly optimized. We always create your web or web shop so it gets highly ranked by search engines.

Analysis of web traffic

We help you install analytical tools so you can own and manage your own data. We prefer Matomo but can also use Google Analytics or other established tools.


We help you with user-friendly and secure internal information and communication solutions.

IT and web security

We help you keep your web shop and website safe and protected.

Web strategy

We help you with your overall digital presence, from strategy to goal-oriented implementation.

Support and advising

Our business expertise and totally unique experience makes us a dependable advisor on choices of suppliers and solutions. We are professionals in the areas of digital business and media and can help you on your way to profitable business on the Internet.