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Newspapers and publications for blind and visually impaired users.
Digital newspapers for visually impaired users

Newspapers and publications for blind and visually impaired users.

Globally unique technology transforms daily newspapers in Sweden so that visually impaired readers can access the same content as sighted readers.

Text access for everyone

Textalk has its roots in a vision to provide blind and visually impaired readers access to the same texts as sighted readers. This vision extends from the text itself to the rapid distribution and wide selection of dailies, magazines, and books. Newspapers, media, and books for blind and visually impaired readers on the same terms as for sighted readers.

Our founder, Henryk Rubinstein, was active in information theory at the Chalmers University of Technology and created the first digital newspaper in the world in 1979. These innovations are the foundation of the original Textalk business area, Textalk Vision − Textalk for visually impaired users.

Commissioned by Scandinavian authorities and together with newspaper publishers throughout Scandinavia, hundreds of daily newspapers, both local and national, are made available to blind and visually impaired readers. We have done this for decades.

Producing talking newspapers

Newspapers for blind, visually impaired, and other people who would otherwise be unable to consume the content of a daily newspaper.

Distribution and storage

Textalk Vision stores and distributes massive quantities of newspaper content, published daily, from Swedish newspapers. We monitor and ensure the quality of the ongoing content, publication, and distribution.

Subscriptions and users

Textalk Vision has comprehensive tools for managing subscriptions and distributing talking newspapers to visually impaired users and subscribers.

Management of reading equipment

We help blind readers connect their equipment (such as Daisy players or Android telephones) to our services so they can retrieve an adapted version of Swedish daily news every day.

Trusted by Sweden's largest media companies and public authorities webarch-kunder