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Content conversion from PDF and InDesign to the format of your choice.
Convert and distribute content

Content conversion from PDF and InDesign to the format of your choice.

Professional tools for PDF data extraction and conversion

Large volumes and high quality

Import large volumes of complex PDF, InDesign, or EPUB files and convert them to any number of formats for the web, electronic newspapers, books, or searchable archives at perfectly retained quality. Webarch can handle fixed and reflowable layout.

Convert to web, reader apps, or archives

Textalk WebArch provides well-structured content to several formats, such as HTML and customized XML or JSON. If you need a specific output format, we can tailor a solution with output formatted just for you.

Newspapers and dailies

Textalk WebArch is specifically developed to convert content with its ready-made integrations from newspapers and daily publications to editing systems and the Prenly e-newspaper platform. The importing and exporting of large volumes of content can be scheduled to perfectly suit your publication routines.

Magazines and books

Textalk WebArch is already adapted to manage daily publications and newspapers, so it is also a very powerful tool for converting magazines and books to the format you need to offer your readers. Textalk WebArch converts complex pages from magazines but also large volumes of text from books.

Trusted by the largest media companies and government authorities in Sweden webarch-kunder

Extract media from PDFs and Adobe InDesign

Extract media from PDFs and Adobe InDesign

Textalk Webarch extracts media (text and images) from PDFs and straight from Adobe InDesign.

Webarch makes it possible to integrate workflow with existing systems to import documents and digitalize the content. Webarch offers automated export from FTP your own InDesign server to our file transfer protocol (FTP), manual FTP loading, and the opportunity to drag and drop files straight into the web interface.

Webarch has an easy-to-use web interface that makes it easy for users to extract content from their fixed layouts by clicking on the automatically generated boxes in the desired order for reading.

When you use Textalk WebArch for content conversion and publication, a well-structured database is created in which every article retains its original elements such as headings, introductions, images, and body text.

Webarch offers several built-in export formats that can be activated simultaneously for a range of channels such as online newspapers, e-readers, or archiving. We can also add support for your adapted format upon request. Our experienced team helps you integrate Webarch in the way that suits your specific workflow.