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Create a web survey with a powerful survey tool
Web surveys and information gathering

Create a web survey with a powerful survey tool

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The tool makes it easier than ever to do quality opinion research. Textalk Websurvey lets you create a professional web survey in a matter of minutes.

All types of information-gathering with a complete survey tool

With Websurvey you can simply and efficiently carry out all kinds of online information-gathering. Websurvey has been around since the beginning of the 2000s and is a well-tested tool for creating surveys and opinion research online. Everything from simple customer surveys to more complex opinion research, with conditional questions and advanced matrix questions.

Demonstration at no cost!

Try Textalk Websurvey at no cost. Discover the functions you need for your specific research at your own speed. Later, you can upgrade to a paying subscription and continue with the web surveys you designed during the trial period.

Responsive and easy to read

Modern, responsive, and distinct design for all devices. Adapt your surveys as you wish. Your respondents can fill in the survey just as easily on a computer, mobile phone, or tablet.

Several administrators

Cooperate and share the online survey work with your entire team. Add and remove administrators and adjust authorization.


Attractive reports with graphs and diagrams formatted for the web, PDF, or exports to Excel. Advanced filter functions allow you to cross-tabulate alternatives and selections and thereby create targeted, filtered reports.

Pioneer in web surveys and online information gathering

Pioneer in web surveys and online information gathering

Websurvey offers extensive opportunities to ask different types of questions. Single-answer, multiple choice, single-line text entry, multiple-line text entry, matrix table, and formular questions are examples.

If you want to restrict the survey to a specific group, you can connect it to a participant list. The participants will be assigned unique usernames and passwords and must log in to answer the survey questions. Surveys with participant lists can allow respondent anonymity.

You can also create surveys that are completely open and not connected to any participant list. Anyone can respond to these surveys.

If the participants on your list do not respond, Websurvey provides support for reminders via e-mail or postal delivery.

Create results reports for your survey at any time. System functions can create presentations for show via screen or projector, or for print. You can also export the responses to any analytical or presentation program (such as Excel or SPSS).