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Create a website in no time at all

Create a website in no time at all

It has never been easier to maintain a website

Textalk Prodoweb CMS is a user-friendly publishing tool for fast and easy structuring and publishing of information on your website without prior programming knowledge. With Prodoweb, you and your coworkers can easily create and update your website right in the browser.

User-friendly editor

Prodoweb has a visual editor that allows you to edit content just as it will appear on your completed website. If you want, you can also work in HTML and add your own code, such as PHP or JavaScript.

Scheduling publication

When you have published your website, static HTML is generated and sent via a file transfer protocol (FTP/SFTP) straight to your server or web-hosting service. You can either publish manually when you want to or enter times for scheduled publication.

Works in all web-hosting services

A website created in Prodoweb can be installed on any web-hosting service or web server. The completed website requires very few resources and is fast even on the most simple and inexpensive of web-hosting services.

Lightning-fast, search-engine optimized, static HTML

Speed is an important factor in search-engine optimization (SEO) of a website. Prodoweb generates optimized and static HTML pages that load at lightning speed. The web pages need neither database nor special framework.