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We sell the most popular e-commerce platform in Sweden. What are you selling?

Open your webshop with us

Here’s what we offer: The functions you need for your web shop along with free customer service and guidance — all at a highly competitive price.

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Discover how easy it is to open your own web shop with Abicart

Attractive and sales-promoting shop themes

Use ready-made themes from Abicart to make your web shop attractive from the start and immediately ready to receive customers. Or add your own touch and adapt everything to your graphic profile. Page design, colors, size, and fonts—all can be adapted down to the last detail. Your web shop will naturally suit both mobile phones and computers.

Connect your systems

Integration and automation are your best friends in e-commerce. Abicart has multitudes of prepared integrations from your shop to popular business systems, warehouse-and-distribution services, payment solutions, and analytical tools. In addition to ready-made integrations, Abicart has a powerful application programming interface (API) that makes it possible to tailor integrations to any system.

User friendly and fast admin

Textalk is motivated by a vision of making technology available to all people. This vision includes making Internet solutions simple enough that anybody at all, regardless of background or business, can use them. Admin in Abicart is educational and self-explanatory, while an easy-to-understand and searchable manual is only a keystroke away.

Most functions at the best prices

We dare to claim that Abicart is one of the most economical e-commerce platforms on the market. It includes all the e-commerce solutions you need to start your own web shop for less than a hundred dollars a month. The price includes support by phone, chat, or e-mail from our ready-and-waiting e-commerce experts.

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Pioneers in e-commerce solutions

Pioneers in e-commerce solutions

E-commerce and web shops for everyone

We founded Abicart with the intention of making e-commerce and web shops available to everyone. The user friendliness and price of Abicart make opening a web shop a possibility for everyone. Whether your business is large or small, whether you are familiar with the Internet or a beginner, Abicart has everything you need to run a professional web shop. Payment solutions, integrations, order processing, search-engine optimization, and Google Shopping—all are included so you can succeed with your web shop from day one. Abicart is used by so many people, from small e-businesses to large, listed corporations with millions in revenue.

Test for free with no strings attached

Test-build a web shop for free in Abicart and without any obligations. Without pressure, at your own pace, you can try out the functions and themes available in Abicart. If you want guidance, you can book a digital meeting with a member of our experienced support staff to help you get started at no charge.

When you are ready to move ahead and launch your shop, we can then turn your test into a paying account. In a day or two, you can be up and running. Quicker and easier ways to get your e-commerce and web shop going do not exist.

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Some of our customers abicart_logos abicart_logos_sq

What our customers say

SGN Sport is a specialist in the operation of sports and leisure stores and we offer all kinds of services that a store may need. We want to offer our affiliated stores a complete e-commerce solution. We were looking for a user-friendly and affordable webshop with several ready-made integrations and the choice fell on Abicart, which actually offers e-commerce for "everyone". Maria Engman, Marketing Manager SGN Sport / Team Sportia - Sportringen - Bike Nation

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