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About Textalk

A multifaceted, innovation and development company

Publication solutions for blind, sighted, and visually impaired users

The specific needs of blind and visually impaired readers are the foundation of Textalk publication tools, which encompass everything from data collection and conversion to editing tools for e-newspapers, e-reader apps, and subscription solutions. Our primary focus is on accessibility for everyone, which is why it naturally follows that our publishing solutions and e-news platforms are particularly easy to use and accessible also for sighted readers. That is why Prenly is one of the largest e-newspapers in Sweden.

E-commerce platforms and solutions

We believe user friendliness and price are crucial aspects of accessibility. Abicart, our e-commerce solution, is developed with the goal of anyone being able to start a professional webshop or e-store without the obstacles of investing or experiencing technical difficulties. Put simply, it should be attainable and easy to grasp for everyone. That is why Abicart is one of the most popular e-commerce solutions in Sweden. It is inexpensive, fast, easy to use and has as many (if not more) finesses and functions as e-commerce solutions that are many times more expensive.

A global leader in newspapers for visually impaired readers

Our founder created the first digital newspaper for visually impaired consumers in 1979. For decades, government authorities have commissioned us, in cooperation with newspaper publishers, to make Swedish daily newspapers accessible to visually impaired and blind readers.

This is Textalk

Corporate information


Textalk management combines people with a range of skills and expertise. We support and lead our product companies and business areas by dispersing innovation, skills, and resources.

Textalk management identifies, stimulates, and utilizes business and technological synergies to be able to provide you with the best system solution at the best price.

Above all, we love technological development that can make a difference in the everyday lives of people.

Textalk Management

History of Textalk

We are a pretty unique company in this line of business. We have been existing as a corporation since 1987 and are rooted in the research and innovation of the 1970s in information theory at the Chalmers University of Technology. We are proud of our history and use our experience to create stable and long-term solutions and business.

  • We created the world’s first digital newspaper in 1979.
  • Textalk AB was founded in 1987 as a spin-off company from Chalmers.
  • We distributed digital media by radio before the Internet.
  • We registered textalk.se amongst the first thousand domains in Sweden in 1993.
  • We created the first online daily newspaper in Sweden in 1995.
  • We created one of the first e-commerce solutions in Sweden in 1998.

Photo: Friday afternoon coffee 1994. Left to right: Henryk Rubinstein, Rikard Sigvardsson, Lars Gustavsson, and Anders Krigström

History of Textalk